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October 1, 2011

Having been privileged to live through infancy, childhood, pre-puberty, puberty, pregnancy, peri-menopause and menopause, I have developed a keen insight into attempting to harness those hormones during times of wild fluctuations.

Harnessing hormones has a particular visual impression for me as the term “hormone” comes from a word that means “to spur on”. I can picture myself during many of the periods of life I mentioned above as though I were a lone rider on a bucking bronco, holding on for dear life!

We are blessedly ignorant as to the infinite number of messages that hormones carry from glands to cells on a moment to moment basis, spurring them on to maintain the delicate balance of chemical levels in the bloodstream that keep us in a state of homeostasis or equilibrium. During times of transition in the normal course of growth and development, there can be fluctuations in the hormone levels that create a turbulence that is both profound and seemingly endless.

A Dizzying Array of Symp...

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