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August 1, 2013

The surge of interest and indeed, the need for access to practitioners of all licensed stripes is gaining traction with the Federal government.

The prevalent issue is portability of licenses across state lines. The dilemma exists when a patient/client is treated by a practitioner who is not located in the state they reside in. Should a complaint arise, which state medical licensing board should investigate?

Currently, the Federation of State Medical Boards recommendation is that the practice of medicine happens where the patient is located.

With the boom in remote patient monitoring,  technology advancing at a rapid pace to provide real time, face-to-face consultations and a severe shortage in primary care physicians, the stage is set to maximize our doctor/client ratio using telehealth delivery systems.

Modern Physician, quotes Kevin Bohnenblust, Executive Director of the Wyoming Board of Medicine, calling the clarification of telemedicine and mobility of license issues “the next revoluti...

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