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December 1, 2014

Middle schoolers are our future. Middle schoolers are our hope for creating a better world. Middle school comprises the 6th,7th and 8th grades where children are in the age group between 12-15. Supporting our teens through this time of emotional growth and development is crucial if our teens are going to actualize their potential and become self assured, powerful co-creators of their own lives.

Early adolescence is a time of tempestuous changes in physical, mental, emotional and social spheres. It is a time when peer pressure abounds. Peer pressure outwardly or inwardly generated to perform academically can challenge a developing sense of self worth.  Peer pressure to conform to the social modes of behavior as witnessed in the bullying phenomenon threatens to corrupt the moral values we, as parents, have worked so hard to instill in our children. Peer pressure to look a certain way can lead to eating disorders, self-harming and isolation patterns. Peer pressure is only one area of chall...

September 19, 2014

The ACA, in Sec. 5101, provides for a new national healthcare workforce to enter the mainstream healthcare delivery system.  They are identified as licensed complementary and alternative medicine providers (CAM) and integrative health practitioners. One of the areas where this workforce is included to practice is Community Health Centers.

The intent of the law was to level the playing field. The big idea is to incorporate those integrative therapeutic disciplines that are safe, cost effective and therapeutically efficacious into mainstream healthcare delivery so as to engage the people in substantive self-efficacy to increase health promotion and prevention. This is the order of the day in the European Union.  The US lags behind in implementation, however, recent studies quoted by Bill Reddy, L.Ac., of the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium, note that in the US, all CAM use by adults was estimated to be 36% in 2002 and 38% in 2007. Other sources suggest...

September 11, 2014

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), a national non-profit representing the 70 medical and osteopathic boards of the U.S. and territories, issued a long-awaited statement on 9/5/14 upon completion of the drafting process for model legislation to create an Interstate Medical Licensure Compact that would speed the process of issuing licenses for physicians who wish to practice in multiple states.

According to the press release, the interstate medical licensure compact model legislation “creates a new process for faster licensing for physicians interested in practicing in multiple states and establishes the location of a patient as the jurisdiction for oversight and patient protections.”

The implications for delivery of telehealth are profound.  As the healthcare landscape becomes broader with both expanded services available due to Internet technology and a diverse integrative practitioner population, the establishment of the location of the patient as the jurisdiction...

May 15, 2014

It may come as no surprise that those who care about themselves usually care about others. The random acts of kindness that flow from caring lead to purposeful activities and generally do involve others. People with a purpose have a reason to wake up in the morning and greet a new day with some degree of enthusiasm. They tend to have direction. People with purpose plan a day to fulfill that purpose. It can be simple. It can be self-directed. A walk, a supermarket shop for a healthy meal, an exercise class, a telephone call to a friend. Purpose breeds performance. Performing at our personal best yields satisfaction. Satisfaction yields a good night sleep, at peace with yourself and your world.

Even if it is not a longer life, it is a good life! 😍

April 22, 2014

Kendall Power makes a good case for the ubiquitous "stress" that lowers immunity causing "more pro-inflammatory cytokines to be produced with the flu virus.

Erwin Gelfand, an immunology expert, cited in this article, pooh-poohs the research of Kiecolt-Glaser,( )which says, "chronic stress makes it more likely you become infected and that infections will last longer and be nastier." Yep, that's been my observation. But, Dr. Gelfand thinks differently.

Dr. Gelfand thinks that our immune systems manage our stress effectively. "Otherwise, he reasons, most Americans would be sick in bed most of the time."

Memo to Dr. Gelfand....a majority of Americans ARE sick in bed most of the time. And if they are not in bed with physical ailments, they are sick in the workplace and in their relationships with...

April 22, 2014

Allergy season is upon us. So the pundits say. But, is there really a season for allergies?

Allergies represent a broad class of symptoms specific to individual sensitivities. 

Oversensitivities exist to dust, insects, trees, plants, animals, all manner of nature in its developmental phases be it budding, blooming, dying, dormant. Allergies to the sun and the cold are common. 

The observance of physical symptoms in the presence of one or more of these triggers leads to a diagnosis of allergy. Avoidance is one treatment. Antihistamines to quell the cascade response of runny nose, watery eyes and itchiness is another.

We can be oversensitive to people, situations and environmental stimuli. Irritability, mood changes, joint and muscle aches along with sleep disorders and fatigue are symptomatic of this type of allergy. Indeed, any thing or anybody who causes you to react in a way that produces symptoms, mental, emotional or physical can be considered an allergen to you.

The key to underst...

December 28, 2012

Upholding the ACA means upholding your CHOICE and ACCESS to MORE than conventional medicine! Sec. 5101 provides for a NEW national healthcare workforce. One that includes integrative healthcare practices like chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy and more.  These professions will lower cost and add safe, effective therapeutics to our menu. 

State insurance exchanges are mandated to include prevention and wellness in their insurance offerings. Guess who provides TRUE primary prevention AND wellness...the integrative healthcare practioners!

So, step up to the plate, get involved with your state exchange and tell them what you want in your insurance benefits package. You are ALLOWED to speak up. Sec. 2706 of the ACA says that insurance companies CANNOT DISCRIMINATE against providers acting within their scope of practice OR certification.

Be passionate about empowerment!

December 20, 2012

'The darkest hour is just before dawn ", as the adage goes.  The collective "we", in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, feel as though we may not see the light for many months to come.  The emotional and physical gutting of our homes is mostly complete.  That was the darkest hour. Rebuilding is the next phase. It is a project for all and more daunting for some than others. The Light shines through the studs in the bare walls of every home in Rockaway.  The Light comes onto the faces of neighbors as we greet those returning to their homes for the holidays.  The Light twinkles in our eyes as we laugh together and shop at the Red Cross tent and recall days gone by when we would have shuddered at the idea.  The notion of "stuff" , more stuff to give this year is somehow distasteful to me.  I witnessed all the "stuff' that we had stored and hoarded in our basements piled high on our streets. Soggy, moldy remnants of our past. How much of that did we really need? How often did we use any of t...

October 22, 2012

This inspiring book is a breakthrough gem that empowers you to think in a new way to understand self care as a solution to your health and wellness. Dr. Gahles, an internationally recognized expert in integrative healthcare, clearly shows you how to use a common sense action plan to achieve your wellness solution through heartfelt storytelling, video demonstrations and practical applications. Creating health and well-being is a lifestyle. Dr. Gahles, a healthcare futurist, teaches you common sense strategies to invest in an individualized wellness portfolio to realize the benefit of a premium quality of life at dramatic cost savings as the return on your investment.

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October 2, 2012

The information highway, the internet, has been our means of travel to vast storehouses of information for decades now. The plethora of sources that exist to plumb the depths of any subject one desires to explore is a wonder to behold. The caveat all students are given is to beware of the source. Not all websites have reliable or evidence-based data.  Wikipedia, for example, is not considered acceptable as a footnote in research papers as anyone can contribute comments and these are not necessarily factual. Certainly, in many instances, they are biased.

Caveat Emptor, buyer beware,  can surely apply to the world of information.  Informing oneself on a subject implies that you have credible sources, cross check your references and fact check your informants. Then, when you feel confident that you have accumulated the best data available on a subject, you can articulate your position with power.

Information is used as power when one is attempting to persuade another to accept their th...

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Middle schoolers are our future. Middle schoolers are our hope for creating a better world. Middle school comprises the 6th,7th and 8th grades where c...

Middle Schoolers at Risk for Suicidal thoughts

December 1, 2014

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