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Burn Out Test

Burn Out Test

Burn-out? Test if you’re stressed out, exhausted or burnt-out.

Which kinds of burn-out are there?

Caregivers top the list ranging from parents to professional caregivers and the "in-between" hybrid of people who have the

dual responsibility of caring for their immediate family and parents in addition to having a job outside the home. Know as the "sandwich generation". 

Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who bear the responsibility, emotionally and physically, for the life and well-being of a patient, partners, child or parent are uniquely at risk to suffer compassion fatigue and vicarious traumatization, and PTSD.

Teachers and para professionals are at risk for burnout due to the number of students in the class and the varying needs of each which must be met. 


The perfectionist/over-achiever burn-outer are driven to succeed. Either they set unrealistic goals for themselves or they must meet the demands and expectations of other, parents, educational institutions or work/life situations. They have to do things right, taking care of every detail, never can say "no", and go beyond the call of duty in order to be "good enough" or to please people. 

Feeling "stressed out", overwhelmed, irritable in mood and body, insomnia and appetite changes are early warning signs that stress is burning you out. 

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