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About Dr. Nancy Gahles


  • Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH) 

  • Certified Mindfulness Based Stress (MBSR)

  • Diet/Lifestyle/Spiritual Counseling

  • Ordained Interfaith Minister

  • President Emerita, National Center of Homeopathy

  • Ordained Interfaith Minister

  • Freelance Journalist

  • Author, lecturer

  • Policy and Advocacy, Integrative Healthcare

  • Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium, Board of Directors, Federal Policy



Dr.Gahles is a consultant in integrative/holistic healthcare whose expertise lies in identifying the stress that unravels health. Dr.Gahles consults with the whole person, body/mind/emotion/spirit drawing on her therapeutic skills as a Doctor of Chiropractic (Ret.), Certified Classical Homeopath, Ordained Interfaith Minister.Her personalized Concierge practice makes her affordable.She is well known for pioneering a Telehealth practice for easy access. She is an author, journalist, public speaker and noted for her advocacy work in healthcare. She is available to speak at groups, events, symposia, conferences, classes,workplace and for professional development.

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