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Labyrinth Healing

The labyrinth walk is an ancient symbolic tool for healing and wholeness.


The labyrinth is a sacred technology that, like the magic circle of many cultures, the spiraling labyrinth is embedded in human consciousness.


The journey to the center and back is uniquely personal. The transformation is yours alone.

labyrinth rocks.jpg


What is a labyrinth?

Labyrinths are a meandering path leading to a center. They are nearly universal phenomenon. 

In some cultures entering the coils of the labyrinth is likened to returning to the womb, to the sense of security and comfort there. Once we have reached the center, we experience the light, a place of healing and rebirth for the spirit, mind, and body.


Who should use the labyrinth?

  • General population (aka, everyone!)

  • Healthcare and mental healthcare providers with their patients

  • Teachers and their students

  • Faith leaders with their congregation

  • Business organizations for team building



Why should I use the labyrinth?

Labyrinths can, by their shape, concentrate the life force, or ch'I--the underground psycho-physical forces. The center of the labyrinth has been described as a vortex of energy. Your life force flows into the labyrinth and is mutually energized by the labyrinth's powers and the power of the adjacent sea . 


Using the sacred spiral for power, protection, transformation, and healing is at once a solitary and a community activity. 


Visit the "Labyrinth By The Sea"

For those of you located in the New York area, please experience the healing powers of Rockaway's very own "Labyrinth By The Sea" located at Shore Front Parkway and 94th St, Rockaway Beach, NY 11693. For information on events and opportunities, please reach out to me directly at

To find a labyrinth near you, please visit the world-wide labyrinth locator.

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