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With Dr. Gahles, you will get the benefits of over 30 years of experience and research in her practice; her recommendations are based on the uniqueness of each individual.

I came to Dr. Gahles a physical mess. My scoliosis had gotten so bad, I was on disability and I was told only surgery would help. I had developed an ulcer, a painful heel spur and a heart problem that had all the specialists scratching their heads to determine a treatable cause for the real symptoms.

I was on all sort of medications. At 33 years old, I literally felt I was dying.

I cannot say enough about Nancy Gahles. She is phenomenal human being and a highly respected mentor of mine, aside from being decidedly talented and soul soothing healer. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone willing and ready to allow Dr. Gahles to administer healing. It's a co-operative venture and an adventure, all in one. Thank you, Nancy Gahles. You're literally a miracle worker and I absolutely adore you.

Love and Light

Rev. Audra

Queens, NY

One of my sons developed a neck tic. Exactly one year later, my other son began exhibiting some tic. I was introduced to the scary and unknown world Tourette Syndrome. Dr. Nancy helped both my son and myself. She learned everything she could about us. Likes, dislikes, personalities, temperaments, attitudes as well as extensive physical examination. She continuously explained everything to me as she worked on them. I was very skeptical but I would do anything to help my kids. Both my sons are doing great. To me, Dr. Nancy put a smile back on all our faces and I'd recommend her to everyone.

A Grateful Mother

Rockaway, NY

Homeopathy was the only approach that gave my husband and I any sense of hope when tradition medicine could not give us answers. After ruling out some of the very serious medical conditions through diagnosis tests, we knew we had to utilize a more natural approach, one to which our baby responded well. We are so grateful to Dr. Gahles who demonstrated not only professional knowledge but also compassion and caring.


Rockaway, NY

Going to Dr. Gahles is a healing experience. Her office is a welcome and sacred space. Her gifts of healing are in no way limited to chiropractic and homeopathy, although she is artfully talented at both. Her presence alone is soothing and therapeutic; the experience is like a balm for the soul.


Rockaway, NY

Dr. Nancy,

Can I just tell you that I so love you. You are amazing. I took one dose of the remedy and I can already tell a difference, I want to cry. you have such talent and your intuition is amazing. You have changed my life in so many ways, I don't think I would ever be able to express my gratitude. Thank you so much.


Rockaway, NY

It is a way for me to thank you for everything that you have done for me. I love you and thank God that I looked you up and went to see you. Your help has given me so much, and I have come to a better understanding to myself. Thank you.


Rockaway, NY


Thank you for a truly inspirational presentation at our monthly meeting. I know that all the artist members present left with a greater sense of self-worth and motivation. Thank you also for the beautifully worded email, we have forwarded it to our membership. Looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

Geoff RockArt116

Rockaway, NY

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