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Fees and Policies  2017



Consultation Fees:



Initial Consultation - Homeopathic Medicine- Whole Person Assessment

i.e.,  physical or mental health conditions not medically responsive or requiring complementary, alternative health care and integrative partnering with your MD; ailments from stress or trauma, PTSD, pain management, autoimmune, ADD/ADHD and more

(5 hours)..............$500.

Skype or office


Consultations for acute conditions,

i.e., colds, cough, flu


Phone, Skype, office


Therapeutic Focus Consultation - One Condition

i.e., physical or mental


* Information prescription for condition

* Diet and lifestyle counsel


* Second opinions

*Medical records/blood work assessment

*Condition based resources, referral network

(1 hour)....................$200.


Follow-up consultations (30-45 minutes)........................................$75-150.

(1 hour)......................................................................................................$200.


Acute consultations (15 minutes)............................................................ $75.


Initial consultation is an in depth reporting and assessment of the chief complaint as well as a thorough investigation of past and present health history. Medical tests, lab work, past traumas ( physical, psychological and emotional), illnesses and pathologies as well as family history will be discussed. Familial, environmental, occupational, relationships will be discussed and considered with respect to the object of your inquiry and your health promotion, prevention and wellness goals.


After the initial consultation, Dr. Gahles will render a report of findings and recommendations. These are recommendations to assist you to stimulate your own innate healing mechanisms, empower conscious creation of your own health and teach you how to invest in short and long term care of yourself.


Information and recommendations are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. You are advised to be under the care of a primary medical physician for these.





Dr. Gahles has been in family practice since 1980. Her recommendations as an integrative healthcare consultant will draw from her experience as an integrative healthcare practitioner combining her expertise in structural/ functional disorders from her perspective as a Doctor of Chiropractic; body/ mind/emotion/spirit perspective of a Certified Classical Homeopath; herbal and vitamin supplementation; food as medicine/diet and lifestyle counseling; movement habilitation and rehabilitation, i.e., yoga, Qi Gong, exercises, breathing etc.; behavioral/coping/stress and pain management strategies from her expertise as a Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practitioner; spiritual health assessments/counseling from her perspective as an Ordained Interfaith Minister. Dr. Gahles will make recommendations for referrals and collaborative integrative healthcare as needed.



General Policies Regarding Fees, Payment and Scheduling:


Payment: The client is responsible for payment of all fees at the time of service. Payment may be made with cash or check. Clients who have off- site consultations are asked to keep a credit card on file with the office to simplify payment. A $50. fee will be charged for any check returned to this office unpaid.

Payments can be made via PayPal or Venmo.


Scheduling: Scheduling is made directly with Dr. Gahles.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling an appointment. Online payment can be made via the app VENMO. Cash or check to office: 241 Beach 137 St., Belle Harbor, NY 11694.


Insurance: This office does not file any forms for insurance or reimbursement.


Cancellations: If it is necessary to cancel/reschedule an appointment, notification of schedule change must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments that are missed or cancelled late represent time that was scheduled for the client, and will be charged the full fee.


Interim Support: For scheduling, brief check-ins and acute complaints, please call during morning call-in time. You can also text or e-mail. There is no charge for calls/responses during this time. These calls are intended to be brief calls that can be taken care of in 5 minutes or so; if an acute

appointment (usually 15 minutes) is required, it can often be addressed at that time or be scheduled later that day.


Call-In Time: Mon-Thurs, 9AM-9:30AM EST


There is no call-in time on Fridays or on weekends. Clients with urgent questions may call me at 718-634-4577. There is always an acute consult fee for an urgent call to this cell phone.


Email: Clients can email the office for scheduling or book online 

Questions and other non-urgent topics that require a response by e- mail or text are subject to a fee. Calls are generally answered each day, emails answered as time allows. If there is any concern that requires a prompt response, or you have not gotten a reply from an email in the timeframe you require, please call.


Telehealth - Off-Site Consultation: Consultations and follow-ups can be scheduled by telephone, FaceTime or web audio-video conference using Google video, faceTime, VSee, iChat or Skype.


I have read, understand and agree to the herein stated Fees and Policies.

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Fees and policies 2017
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