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The Power of Self-Care

"The Power of self care walks you through the forest with remarkable ease, clarity and the fun of the adventure of finding your personal freedom to care for yourself using common sense solutions."

"The Power of Self Care, is the Future of Healthcare"

Holistic and Integrative Health Counseling for the WHOLE Family:

Your symptoms may include:






*weight gain


These are clear signs that one or more of your organ systems are stressed and need care. After consultation I will help you establish a Health Plan in conjunction with, or independent of, a conventional approach using pharmaceutical drugs, in consultation with your medical doctor. With my step by step customized program, we will address the underlying cause. 

Meet Dr. Nancy Gahles
My Mission


Raise awareness of the stress that causes dis-ease and the dis-ease that accompanies stress.


Offer alternative and complementary healthcare and mental health care consultations.


Create a community of wellness and resilience.

Also Available,


The Health & Harmony Wellness Center provides a spectrum of holistic services, classes, and workshops to assist you on your individual journey to wellness.

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