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The Art of Not Knowing

What a relief it is to be in the bliss of ignorance. Ha! That sounds counter intuitive. And that is because it IS!

Ignoring the reality of what is IS the cause of suffering.

We have been taught to believe that we ought to be able to have the answers to all our problems and if you don't know the fail. That is a state of ignorance.

As my dear departed sister, my attorney for life, would say, "WRONG THINKING!"

The Buddha would agree as he puts forth these precepts in his EIGHT NOBLE TRUTHS, the first being that life contains inevitable, unavoidable suffering.

The delusion that all the answers to our everyday life conditions can be easily accessed and eliminated simply isn't right thinking.

It is impossible to avert every situation that is uncomfortable.

It is in the being of uncomfortable that we gain understanding.

Not knowing may be interpreted as discomfort.

That sensation may be interpreted as a failing on our part . It may seem as though we didn't do enough to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Spoiler alert! You are supposed to feel un-comfortable when you are moving through the ever changing landscape of life.

What has previously been described as valuable, the avoidance behavior towards a situation that is unknown , therefore frightening or dangerous is invalid.

Not knowing is your personal invitation from your unique Spirit to explore, imagine and create a life that suits you.

There is an art to every skill set that you master.

The Art of Not Knowing begins with the recognition that you are not supposed to know. You are supposed to stand poised at the threshold of a new moment, the next breath, the next adventure.

You are supposed to feel the thrill of anticipation as excitement courses through your body.

This feeling is NOT anxiety . It is EXCITEMENT, enthusiasm. It is the anticipation of a challenge for you to become more of you as you cross the threshold. You can do it!

The Art of Not Knowing is born of awareness of your strengths, discernment of right timing and trust in your heart's intention.

For my good and the good of all involved.

Being present to yourself in this way creates a state of Loving Kindness. Loving Kindness invokes a resonant frequency that touches all beings . It causes an upward spiral of positive emotions and attracts more of the same with each breath you take.

The Art of Not Knowing is the first step to ultimate knowing. It's all in the adventure.

May you always be on the inner quest.

May you be happy.

May you find peace.

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