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AMA restricts access to telemedicine and opens the doors for Integrative Practitioners.

The AMA and the student physicians proffered policy statement on the delivery of telemedicine that will restrict access across state lines, according to the Washington Post. June 18, 2014.

The AMA policy states that the physician must be licensed in the state that the patient resides in. This effectively puts the brakes on the Federal Telemedicine objective to have legislation that will allow docs to prescribe across state lines as the VA does.

The good news is that professional integrative healthcare practitioners, those that are not subject to state licensure, can practice without this restriction. For example, Certified Classical Homeopaths, bearing the national certification of CCH, may practice in any state as they are not required to have a state license.

Choice and access to the provider of your choice lies squarely in the hands of the integrative telehealth care provider.

Can you say, “tipping point”?

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