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Build Immunity Against CoronaVirus

Step No. 1 in defense against any invading pathogen is: Be Healthy! Easier said than done. Recent statistics showed 80% of people who make an ER visit have chronic complex co-morbidities. That means they are unhealthy and have multiple diseases at once, i.e., diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease, and more.

When talking about epidemics and pandemics, those who are immune compromised are the most likely to die. Especially when the respiratory component of a disease is the prevalent factor, as in the case of Corona Virus, pneumonia is lethal.

Panic is generated when there is "nothing " to do for it except wash your hands and avoid public places. The first is possible, the second is not.

I advocate to start with simple self care strategies that one CAN do and can do immediately .

Step No. 1: Get tested for Vit D3. A majority of the population is deficient in this important Vitamin. Known as he "sunshine" vitamin and its role in calcium and bone homeostasis, it is relatively little know for its effect on immunologic activity.

Vit D3 has the capability of signaling cells in the immune system to module innate and adaptive immune responses.

The immune system defends the body from foreign, invading organisms, promoting protective immunity while maintaining tolerance to self.

Deficiency in Vt D is associated with an increased susceptibility to infection and is associated with increased autoimmunity and colorectal cancer.

Journal of Investigative Medicine: Cynthia Aranow, MD, VITAMIN D AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.

If you want to get "tested", instead of waiting until you are sick to get tested to see if you "have it", get tested for Vitamin D3 to see if you can PREVENT "it".

The test is called 25(OH) . It is Not routinely included in your yearly blood work. You must ask for it.

Lab ranges vary for normal values but generally consider >30ng/ml to be sufficient.

Many experts recommend between 40-60ng/ml. The ONLY way to adjust the dose for your own personal, individual health state is by testing for a baseline, coordinating that with your medial profile and recommending a daily dose of Vitamin D3 and then retest.

You will need a prescription from your MD for this test. Always stay in communication with your primary care doctor as to what vitamins, or other herbal therapies you wish to take. Many of these have interactions with prescription medications and are contraindicated.

People want a quick fix, a simple answer to a complex problem. We can begin with this and proceed from there. One simple step at a time.

The Vit. D issue is broader than this discussion but for the purposes of increasing immunity during an epidemic, this is a good place to start. Self care is powerful, an antidote to fear and a starting point for building a healthy body/mind and spirit.

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