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The Rise of the Divine Feminine & The Sacred Spiral

The Spring Equinox represents the time of birthing the new into manifestation. It is a time of bearing witness to the Divine in all its Glory.

The thrill of self agency is felt as we witness the small, delicate flowers breaking through the hardened ground of winter to emerge unscathed and radiantly beautiful.

New life inspires creativity in us. We feel the impulse to create and refresh in our own lives. Let’s do it!

An ancient symbolic tool to awaken the Divine Feminine in all people is now available in Rockaway, NY. The sacred spiral, the labyrinth, has been used in cultures for centuries to inspire intuition and creativity to manifest in our lives. Read about it in the article here:

Learn more about how to walk the labyrinth and to experience the sacred spiral for power, protection, transformation and healing. Join our mailing list or message me directly

I share this Druid/Druidess Prayer with you, one that is especially potent in open-air labyrinths.

Deep within the center of my being,

May I find peace

Silent within the center of my Grove.

May peace increase

Still within the great circle of humankind ,

May I radiate peace and reconciliation.

And we say Amen. May this be the Holy Ground from which we now move forward .

With love,

Dr. Nancy

1 Comment

Lorraine Gahles-Kildow
Mar 25, 2023

Thank you Dr. Nancy! I am thrilled to see this. Your creative inspiration and persistence has brought this labyrinth into reality.

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